Sunday, October 19, 2014

So nothing happening for my birthday we had cake but that was it and ya I do feel a bit older. The investigators are sort of coming we did have the lesson on Monday and that went alright but we haven't been able to meet with them since but it has been a pretty good week we have spent a lot of time getting John moved from his flat into the new house that he is renting as well as we went and visited a few of our members that have been sick
We met Shannon a couple of weeks ago and we set up an appointment to meet with her and her friend Emily and it seemed to go well but they have cancel on us a couple of times now for more lessons at the last minute so we will see were that goes, and that couple we met a month ago has finally set up a time with us to come over so that should be good. and tell dad that they fixed the mold on our wall finally.
Love you and pray for you always 
Elder Poll

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