Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So the couple that we tracked last week and her husband are in Florida on holiday and wont be back until the end of September so we haven't gone back yet. Jonathans baptism got pushed back till the 13th so that his family that lives in Summer Set could come up for it so no baptism this week but we have zone conference this Saturday. Last week at district meeting president told us that we will have two special guests and that all he said so we have been wondering who it will be because according to elder Montague they usually tell us who it is that is speaking so that  leave a few possibilities for us. One they just aren't telling us and its a 70 or it could be one of the 12 or it could be the apple ipad guys because the England missions are supposed to be getting ipads sometime towards the end of the year but we will see.
Things are better on bikes to a point but bikes get stolen all the time here so unless be are going to a known investigators house or church we don't usually bike. Elder Montague is on his 4th bike and he has only been out one year and a month..
We are the only ones in our flat and our flat is kind of crappy it looks ok on the outside but on the inside its crap and we have a noisy family that lives above us. Right now they are just fixing the mold problem we have. Our shower has been leaking into the wall and has caused mold onto the wall behind. So we have had to take bathes instead of showers for the last week and 1/2. They are just caulking it this afternoon so by tomorrow we should have our shower back. It rains a lot almost every night but not usually till we are back in but it also is just cloudy all the time and rains at random so we don't go anywhere without umbrellas and rain coats and rain pant (which are basically snow pants without the insulation). 
Our week here has been good and wow a month has already passed since I left home.
Love you, Elder Blake Poll

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