Wednesday, August 27, 2014

About the area Burton Upon Trent it is the brewing capital of the UK there are two areas here Burton A which is us and Burton B which is Elder Smart and Elder Mortenson. We have most of the town and they have a sort of smaller suburb called Swadilocote. It broken up in to a couple of different section you have town which has a shopping mall and other big city stuff then there are a bunch of other areas around it called Stapenhill or Horninglow. There are about five others as well. Anyway we live in the section called Branston its about a 10 min walk to town. We go there at least every day to walk around and talk to people. We also go out to some of the other areas as well knocking doors and checking on less actives. I get turned around a lot because none of the roads make sense and I mean none of them. We have to look up the streets in the index then find them in the square of reference it gives us then remember all the little streets that we have to take to get there because there are only about three main roads that lead around and if you get off of them then you are pretty much lost. Also in the UK they spell things differently they don't use z's if they can help it. They spell tires like tyres and some other weird spelling. Also the accents change with every part of town you are in. You have those up on the hill that talk all proper and then down lower in the valley that talk with slurring all there words together so that's a little hard to understand, but I can usually get it. The hardest thing to understand is the different terms they use here. Some words from back home that are not appropriate and which ones are, but then there are also words here that aren't bad that would be cussing back home. Then just a bunch of other words I had never heard used in the context that they use them here so they may not be speaking a different language but sometimes they might as well be because I always have to lean over to Elder Montague and ask him what there talking about.
So this week we didn't have anything really exciting happen. We taught Jonathan and Michael a couple of times but Michael doesn't seem to be progressing so we are trying to reevaluate where we are at with him and work from there. Jonathan's baptismal interview is this Thursday so everything should be on the up and up with him. Last night we met a couple that when we knocked on there door it was like they were expecting us it was cool they had previously had the missionaries over last year so they kind of knew some stuff. They are headed to Florida for holiday next week but they invited us over for dinner when they get back at the end of September so we were excited about that. Other than that its been pretty normal mission stuff. 
Love Elder Blake William Poll  

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