Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept 22,
So this week not a lot happed we had a few lesson with Michael in which we learned that he still had not stopped going to a Jehovah witnesses church so we had to push his date back. Micheal has been to many diferent churches and just basically has a belief in Christ, baptism and God and he goes just about anywhere for church but before the missionaries ran into him he was attending the jw church and yes he comes to church with us every sunday but the jw meeting is after ours and so he goes there after he gets back from going to church with us. His mental state is similar to Katie and Megan's but a bit more high functioning and so getting him to understand that he can only go to one church and that is ours if he wants to be baptized I hard to get him to understand. and he lives right next to the jw church and so after we leave he says that they come around and pick him up for church and that he has responsibilities there that he can't just leave but he also makes a lot of stuff up so we don't really know how to proceed. We also went on exchange this week and I was with elder Michelson who does not talk at all unless he decides to talk to some one on the street and so I suffered through a day of silence, but it sort of helped as well to get me to talk to other people because he wouldn't talk so if I wanted to keep my sanity I had to talk to others. Then we had general priesthood meeting in our stake on Thursday night and that was good and inspiring then on Friday we had weekly planning and fixed elder Montague's bike and did some finding.  Then on Saturday we spent most of our day with sister Smyth digging her pond for her with a really small shovel and just one shovel. She is a less active sister and she dosen't get around well and she needed to get the pond dug and the fish in befor winter or they will freeze she is really nice always gives us a goodie bag to take home and to its always fun to go over and help her and she is a little crazy but she always tells fun stories of when she lived in spain with her late husband. Then on Sunday we had church and some finding and then dinner with John.
love and prayers Elder Poll

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