Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So not a lot to say this week we had a pretty normal proselyting week by that I mean we did a lot of trackting and had very little success. We had zone conference on Saturday and that was good but no huge news to report no ipads and no members of the quorum of the twelve or any of that but it was good still but it just felt like church. Then we got home and had a lesson with Michael and that went good then we had a ward activity which was a quiz night. then we had church on Sunday and had a baby blessing and here that is like a home coming and they have dinner after and we got invited to that then we did some try by's with less active members and no one answered had our call in and then after that we chilled in the flat had district prayer. Today I got a hair cut we shopped for food then played some basketball with the other elders walked around a bit and now were at the library emailing that's about all that's happened this week but I'm really excited for this week though because we have a baptism and we will probably put Michael back on date this week because he really wants to be baptized but he is a lot like Katie and Megan with his mental state so we have to be sure that he really understands everything and get the go ahead by president.   We also have dinner with john this week and those are always good as well as zone meeting and we have a follow up trainers meeting on Saturday and I should be getting my tooth fixed in the next couple of weeks at this private dentist. I'm mostly excited to see some of the elders from the mtc because they were awesome and I only saw some of them at zone conference. they all have to come for the trainers meeting that's about it for this week.
Love and Prayers Elder Poll

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