Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thanks for all you help and support. So I got to the mission home and we had a few short interviews with President and Elder and Sister Gray the we had lunch then a meeting with all the trainers then at the end they told us who we were going to be with. and the whole meeting I kept looking over and I kept saying in my head any body but the Hispanic kid I can deal with just about anything else but I'm horrible with language barrier stuff and then they read off elder Poll and elder Montague and that was the kid that I thought was Hispanic and I was like crap this first few months will be a struggle. we didn't say anything to each other until we got outside then I found out that he is from Ogden' Utah and that we know some of the same people and we just kind of hit it off from there so far it has been great Brother Dimetia picked us up from the mission home He said that he served in the Scotland Edinburgh so I asked if he knew an Elder Lubeck and he said that they had served in a lot of the same areas but never as companions but he really liked him and so I told how I knew him and I was happy. He dropped us off at our flat (it looks nice on the outside but is really quite rubbish). then we changed out of our suit and went to a teaching appointment with a 19 year old named Jonathan we were on our way over and I got all the details and how I was supposed to invite him to be baptized on the 6th of September. so we got there and everything went really well I felt like I should pop the question so I did and he said that he wasn't ready so we asked him to pray about it and he said that he would, then last night we called him because he like us to and him and elder Montague talked about the baptismal questions and he thought that he could do that so he said put it on the calendar. So I have a baptism set for the 6th of September for him. Thursday we had district meeting and so we went straight to the bus station and rode it to Lichfield and I met our district and they are awesome. Saturday was a lot of tracking and I met Micheal who is our other investigator he really wants to be baptized but we haven't taught him everything yet so he will probably be baptized when we finished teaching him next SaturdaySaturday night I forgot to tell you the we went over to Brother Demitas for dinner he is a chef for a living so as you can imagine the food was awesome then it is holiday here so tracking Saturday night was a no no so we just chatted with john dimetia and shared a spiritual thought then he gave a lift home. On Sunday we went to church and the ward building is so small that the chapel is also the cultural hall when all the chairs are down. but it was a good, Sunday we had Michael out to church with us with the Kennard's. we had a member teaching appointment with brother and sister Galiker he is recently returned missionary and we told him a little about our experience with Michael and he wanted to hear us give the same lesson that we gave Michael then he gave us some pointers and that was good.Thank you all so much for all of your letters and support.
 love elder poll

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