Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The one he forgot to send last week.

This week was a bit weird we had a lot of referrals come through last Monday and so we have spent most of the week trying to contact them but many of them live out in the middle of nowhere so those have been a struggle. On new years eve we had to be in at 6 but that was really okay because we just did our weekly planning and it was pouring rain. I have realized this week how easily shoes get worn out because I think those shoes I got back in July from you are about to start wearing in holes. I am going to try and get the other pair fixed by a cobbler here so I will have a water proof pair to wear, and I am going to try and find some shoes covers to wear when we bike because elder D has them and his feet stay dry all the time. mine are okay but the rain runs down my jacket down my water proof trousers and into my socks and down to my feet. but for the most part things are good here. Elder D and I get on quite well we are so much a like some times that we get on each others nerves a bit but that's okay. Later this week we both got a bit sick but we are okay now, we just both woke up and weren't feeling well  just really tired and not the normal tired of missionary work, we asked sister leopard and described what it felt like and she told us that a lot of missionaries were getting that and the best thing we could do was take a few extra hours and sleep it off. We did and after lunch we were both feeling a lot better so we worked and went and saw people the rest of the day. We did some street contacting. it was good. our street contacting has not been fruitful much this week but we have had quite a bit of luck in contacting referrals we have an appointment this week with two referrals and plan to try and contact quite a few more, its been interesting we have had 14 referrals in the last 2 weeks from church headquarters a few are legit and some are fake but we will see.

Love you
Elder Poll

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