Sunday, December 27, 2015

this week was crazy busy and so I don't feel like i have done proper missionary work in like a week, because Monday was pday and we had district pday in Worcester  with everyone and they we got the transfer call that night and my companion got told he was going to Wolverhampton in Birmingham so on Tuesday it was his packing day and saying good bye. I just cleaned the flat after him because i didn't want my greeny coming into a messy flat so that was Tuesday, Wednesday we went up to Birmingham to pick up elder Decker he is from the Netherlands and luckily for him he loves to bike, but that took up all of our Wednesday in travel getting there and back we got home at about 7.40 at night. Thursday we needed to get bikes and a rail card figured out for him then we finally got to do some missionary work later that day though. and we stopped by and got to see almost everyone then on Friday we had zone conference in Cheltenham and that was a killer on the pocket that's why we got him the rail card the day before because a rail card drops the price by a third so it's not to bad of a price. and that took our whole day we had to be there at 10 for choir practice and then it finished at 3 and it takes 45 min to walk to the train station and our train back was at 3.30 so we didn't make it and so elder Decker did all the ipad stuff that had to be done before he could use it. We had about 2 hours as our next train back was not for two hours so we got that all done and got home at about 7.40 again. then Saturday we went a picked up elder Decker's bike that he bought because they still had to put it together a bit so we got that and then the work could really begin and it was great we went out to a small village out by some members because they had done a pamphlet drop for us out there and so when they do that we follow up on the next Saturday and tract the street and talk to people about the pamphlet and this one also had and invitation to our carol service that is on Christmas eve. Even if they weren't interested in learning more a lot still said they would come to the carol service.oh but earlier that day on the way back from getting elder D's bike he had his first wreck so now that is over and done with so ya it was funny and he is okay, oh and in the way of bike I bought a new used one this week from another elder you know how I told you that it would probably cost about 50 pounds to get the one I had fixed another missionary sold me his way nicer bike for 50£ instead and it is way nicer than the one I was going to fix, so we are all good on bikes now. so after we did the trackting thing we went over to that members house to have dinner then they dropped us off at our next appointment and from there we walked home and it was good. Sunday was mostly church and coordination meeting and then because I am training we have an extra hour of comp study every day and all the other stuff that come with being a trainer. luckily for me he is from the Netherlands  and one of his parents is Australian and so he speaks perfect English so no language study.
well I think that is it for this week. 

Elder Poll

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