Friday, December 18, 2015


So this week has been really good we had a really amazing experience with meeting with a less active member and he told us to come back on Saturday and teach his girl friend that she was interested. so that was cool. Tuesday we had district meeting and president came and he did the meeting and it was so cool to be there with him, he also covered safety rules in regards to the Paris attack because I don't know if you have seen the news but there have been threats against Britain I guess.This is what has been told us by some members so he just went through all that stuff with us. We also talked about the new Christmas video also. Wednesday was we saw mark and we also did a lot of stop by. We found out that the river had flooded and we had to go through it well not the river but through the part where it flooded and I got soaked up to my knees and so we turned back and I put on dry trousers and shoes and then we went around that part to get to were we were going. We went to youth night and  helped put together boxes for a charity that ships needed supplies to Africa and that was fun and I got all taped up. Thursday we had a lesson with two older ladies and then we did some stop bys and made cookies for our investigators. Friday we had to cross the water again because we were running really late luckily the water had gone down quite a bit but we still got really wet but it was worth it we had a couple of really great lessons that night. Saturday was really the amazing part of the day followed by a depressing part.
As came out of an amazing lesson to go home our bike were gone and so we had to walk home SOMEONE STOLE OUR BIKES not just mine but elder Bogaerts also so we currently have no bikes right now and so things have been a bit ruff on Sunday we had to be to a meeting at 9.15 for PEC and so we left our flat at 8 and just made it in time for the meeting so needless to say our mobility is severely disabled right now. but good news that is pretty cool wait for it .......wait for it..... I AM TRAINING THIS COMING TRANSFER that's why I have a really early meeting tomorrow. so ya this week is going to be good I think buy also really busy and next week is going top be really hectic even more but should be fun. love you guys don't have to much fun with out me.
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