Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Bike Trouble!!!

So this week we had a good week but I got three flat tires and that was a big bummer and had a bit more bike trouble but I think I got it sorted out now and I realized that patching tires is a pain and is time consuming and difficult with a  racer bike.

 So this week felt like a really good week we were out working hard and the weather was great it was letting us do everything we wanted to be doing with no rain, but when we looked at our numbers it didn't show it.
On the plus side we had a zone conference with Elder Dykes a member of the seventy and he talked to us on Tuesday about how we can be more effective in our efforts and the things that we need to work on. We did a survey about a week before he came and he used the results of the survey to decide what to talk to us about. It was another trip to Riwbina at 7 in the morning, but at least I wasn't still serving in Worcester, they come to the same meeting as us and have to travel a lot further.

How are the missionaries there anyway have you seen them at all lately? After serving in Worcester and the ward mission leader recently returned from serving in Utah I realized how different missionary work in Utah is from where I am.  And I just realized I miss the rain storms in Utah. Here it just rains all the time and the sky just stays dark, like last week i didn't see a blue sky for 4 days but in Utah you can smell the rain coming and then it just hits and hits hard then goes away. Here it just lingers and lingers and lingers some more.

That's about it for the week. Have a great week.
Love Elder Poll

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